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Children's guide of Trakošćan Castle

During the first half of 2020, LITOPS is working on the realization of a children’s guide of Trakošćan castle, entitled “The Riddle of Count Drašković.” In cooperation with the successful illustrator and graphic designer Sanja Kolenko, and with the support of the Trakošćan Castle and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, the realization of this educational and entertaining guide is planned for July 2020.

The Riddle of Count Drašković connects the picturesque park with the castle and their rich past with the Drašković family. It is written in a humorous, interesting way to interest the children in the cultural and historical themes of Trakošćan at an early age.

The target group are younger primary school children who often need extra encouragement to enjoy a walk around Lake Trakošćan. The guide is designed as a riddle with 10 clues, the solution of which is solved by walking around the lake. The emphasis is on learning through play, research, studying the environment in order to discover all the clues and successfully solve the riddle, and thus learn about the history of the park and the Trakošćan castle.

Filled with curiosities, segments “Very cool”, “Imagine this!” and “Do it at home”, this richly illustrated guide invites young visitors to deal with the topic of Trakošćan long after the visit.

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